Moving can be stressful for people and pets alike. Unexpected changes in lifestyle can cause stress in cats, dogs, and other animals, so it’s important to help your fur kid feel as comfortable as possible when transferring homes. Keep these tips in mind if you’re making a move.

1: Update your pet’s information


Don’t forget to put your new address and phone home number on your pet’s tags. Make sure you take care of this early on; moving into a new home can cause pets to run away.

2: Keep your pet contained


As mentioned, anxious pets may try to run away. Make sure to keep your pets safe, locking any gates and keeping them secure when you’re not around.

3: Transport your pet in your own vehicle


Make sure your pet is safe and secure in the back seat. Keep them in a carrier and put a seatbelt on them. You may also want to put a blanket over your pet, as this will help him cope with environment changes.

4: Wait until you’re inside before letting your pet out


Even well-behaved animals can be nervous in a new environment. Give your pet time to adjust, and don’t let them out of your sight when they’re roaming around the house. Give lots of cuddles to help them adjust.

5: Keep your pet calm


Don’t let your pet near the action while you’re moving. Keep them in a quiet place, and do your best to make the transition as peaceful as possible. Putting your pet on a routine might also help them get used to the change.

6: Give your pet plenty of attention


It’s important for your pet to feel comfortable during this turbulent time. Although you don’t want to overwhelm them, your presence will give them something familiar to hold on to in the midst of so much uncertainty.

7: Search for pet-friendly hotels


If you’re driving a long distance and will need to stay overnight, search for pet-friendly hotels along the way. Keep toys and food handy during the trip, and make sure you pencil in time for bathroom breaks!

8: Give your pet time to adjust


Once you officially move in, your pet will need time to get comfortable with his surroundings. All of the new smells and sights are bound to make them uneasy, but this will get better with time. Just like when pets meet new people, they need time to settle in.